Safety Showers Manufacturer and Industrial Products Supplier


Safety Showers Company and Industrial Products Supplier

As RETA Co. Ltd. , we are established to manufacture PPE products and the safety showers according to EN standarts and EN 15154-1-2 Standards and ANSI Z358.1-2014 design norms. During this time we exported many PPE products and Safety Showers to foreign markets. As a result of positive feedbacks which we got from foreign customers we gave distributorship to many international firms.

Starting with enough knowledge and experience we have at this sector, our aim is to supply customer demands in a short time with the most competitive prices. Although there are many firms at this sector but our target is to take place as the wanted firm. Over time we think that this sector will be developed so that we would like contribute to the formation of safer life. In considering cause of work-related accidents that occurred due to human error that as individuals we must necessarily take protective measures. The solution is also receiving the necessary training and acquiring the habit is possible with the use of appropriate protective.

Our duty is that as a company realizing provide the support to employees.

We were in new searches to deliver the best quality products to you. In addition to our recent ready products we expect your support to design new products according to customer demand. You will find quality and standard compatible products in our catalog which will answer to all your needs in mind as we would appreciate your contribution.

RETA is Authorized Agent of Rötzmeier Safety Containers - Made in Germany for Turkiye market. 

RETA is Exclusive Distributor of Rötzmeier Safety Containers - Made in Germany for the countries Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. 

Without Accident, we wish you all safe and happy days ....

Best Regards.